Vermont Dance Tribe is a community of adults of all ages that meet on Mondays and Thursdays to explore the energy of dance, movement and sound in a safe, non-judgmental space. We move—slowly, quickly, gracefully, clumsily, playfully, seriously, noisily, and quietly. Many of us have no dance background and others have a variety of dance and movement experiences. The intention of Dance Tribe is for us to share and practice what we know and don’t know about all sorts of movement, with each other—as gifts.


The structure of Dance Tribe is simple, yet consistent. Warm-up starts at 7 pm and is approximately 30 minutes long. Warm-up is a time to root yourself in your body and come into the moment; we request that people warm up in silence. At the end of the warm-up we join in an opening circle to share introductions, announcements, requests and offerings for the dance. We dance for 75 minutes and end at 9 pm.

The Music

We play recorded music that is compiled by one of the dancers. Dancers rotate the assembling and DJ'ing of the warm-up and the music each week. 

The Money

 Each year we charge $25 per person to cover liability insurance costs incurred by the Tribe. At each gathering  we ask for $5 from everyone to cover the space rental. We don’t like bookkeeping so decided not to do any. You’re on your honor to pay what this experience is worth to you. But if you can’t afford it and have to choose, we’d rather have you dance than pay. If you can afford to pay and don’t—well, it’s your karma.  Physically helping the set up and take down goes a long way if you can not afford to pay.

How We Contain the Space and How It Contains Us

The sacredness of the space is created and held by all as a place of honor, respect and acceptance for what is expressed and for who is expressing it. We gather to support and witness each other, and ourselves, as we dance and share our unique truths and individual stories. In that vein, you are 100% responsible for your well being during this experience and 100% responsible for maintaining awareness of how you are impacting others.

Please do not wear any shoes on the dance floor that you’ve worn outside. We ask that dancers leave talking in the hallway and enter the space in conversational silence. It is ok to use the facilities but be courteous and respectful of others in areas outside of the dance space. If you can, please help us set up (lights, sound system, and sweeping) and break down. Socializing is encouraged, but not in the dance space.

The Shadow of Dance

Dancing in community with others like or unlike us evokes stories we have about our self and our relationships to others. Some of this may feel wonderful. Some of it may feel uncomfortable and edgy.

Some of the Things We Are Practicing

  • Having fun! Enjoying our body as the juicy, fluid, alive, feeling and soulful organism that it is!

  • Non-verbal expression of thoughts and feelings

  • Experiencing our body as a teacher of the natural intelligence that comes from attuning to our internal and external senses

  • Exploring where “I” end and “you” begin.

  • Learning to discover and communicate our boundaries and our desire for connection—to say yes and no—non-verbally

  • Intuition—tuning into others and learning what creates safety/freedom for self/other

  • Owning our experience of another’s dance as completely ours

  • It is beyond the scope of this group to be a vehicle for processing all the stories, feelings and characters we discover through movement. So we invite you to engage other support systems in exploring the discoveries made here. Meanwhile, celebrate the opportunity to keep it all moving in the presence of loving witnesses and remember—it’s all yours.

The dance is the mother of the arts. Music and poetry exist in time; painting and sculpture in space. But the dance lives at once in time and space.
— Curt Sachs